Our quality management platform combines professional teams, technology and expertise to guarantee product functionality and food safety in all our solutions.



Quality and food safety

We have a profound commitment to quality and food safety.

Consumer and customer protection and trust are at the heart of our mission, as we aspire to supply safe and sustainable solutions for the creation of better foods.

This is why our manufacturing environments are certified under FSSC22000, GFSI-approved standards, ISO 9001 and religious Halal and Kosher certifications.

Our food safety systems are based upon Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and a preventive risk management approach, as well as permanent validations and monitoring.


Quality Assurance and Food Safety Policy

Farmesa’s Board of Directors has established the following Quality Assurance and Food Safety Policy for its activities in the “Design, development, manufacturing and marketing of food ingredients and additives, technological assistance services for the application of such products, and their supply in international and local markets”:

·      Meet customer’s requirements, aspiring to exceed their expectations.

·      Meet relevant requirements of stakeholders, food safety, legal and regulatory, and any other applicable requirements to the products or activity.

·      Guarantee the efficacy of internal and external communications regarding food safety, throughout the whole value chain.

·      Foster and encourage the commitment of Farmesa’s employees, considering them as essential to the organization’s value adding capabilities.

·      Guarantee that Farmesa’s employees are competent as regards to their education, formation and relevant experience, assuring that they internalize the present policy, relevant objectives, their contribution to the efficacy of the quality and food safety management system, and performance improvement benefits.

·      Implement, sustain and continuously improve the quality and food safety management system, further enabling the organization’s ability to act over changes in business environment and context, as well as the identification and pursuit of new opportunities.

·      Increase value-adding capabilities in supplier organizations and other stakeholders, in a mutually beneficial manner.

Farmesa’s Board of Directors is committed to providing the necessary means and resources to enact the communication of this policy, as well as its implementation, adequation to the purpose and context of the organization and its fulfillment.

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